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   It's an exciting time at The Wire Wizard's workshop. There are new products, some items with reduced prices and now a monthly and weekly specials feature has been added to the home page to help introduce you to new items and reduced price items as well.

   It is my goal to help you with your wire crafting, stimulate your creativity with new ideas, new patterns and a Q & A section as well. The links area is a gateway to all sorts of jewelry ideas, jigging ideas and jewelry design contemporary styles.

   In this web catalog are all the tools you need to make lovely jewelry, holiday and team ornaments, chains, mobiles and stabiles, sun and light catchers, earrings, ear wires, clasps and many other things as well.

   With only a few tools and some wire, a good instructional video or book, you can be producing lovely jewelry, in a short time. Make your own jewelry, gifts, things to sell at craft fairs or to boutiques. There is a whole world of creativity to be had in these pages. Please visit my whole website, look at the design ideas, call with any questions you may have and join me in enjoying crafting delightful things with your hands and wire of all sorts.

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